Jr. Horse Hands Program

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Program Details:

Our Jr. Horse Hands Program gives kids a hands on and in-depth look at how to care for horses. They will walk away from this program having a good grasp on responsibility, what a good work ethic looks like, team work skills, self awareness, and a sense of accomplishment. Kids will also have an hour riding lesson and get introduced to natural horsemanship. 

Prerequisite For This Program:

•Be between the ages of 10 and 18.

•Must have attended one of our Horse Adventure Summer Camps in 2019 or 2020.


•Have taken at least 4 lessons with us in 2019 or 2020.

Example Of What Their Day Will Consist Of:

9am: Drop off time - Getting prepared for the day.

9:15am: Begin feeding the horses breakfast.

10am: Clean up after feeding - water the horses - restock grain bins - tidy up the barn. 

11am: Muck horses paddocks.

Noon: Lunch - down time.

12:30pm: Creative Time (journaling about experience, drawing, hiking, exploring nature).

1pm: Riding lesson.

2pm: Grooming horses - Odds and ends around the farm - evening food prep.

2:45pm: Wrapping up for the day.

3pm: Pick up time.  

Program Schedule:

Option #1: Thursdays 9-3pm for 4 weeks May 28th - June 18th. *FULL*

Option #2A: Tuesdays 9-3pm for 4 weeks June 2nd - June 23rd. *FULL*

Option #2B: Wednesdays 9-3pm for 4 weeks June 3rd - June 24th. 

Option #3A: Tuesdays 9-3pm for 4 weeks June 30th - July 21st. * FULL*

Option #3B: Wednesdays  9-3pm for 4 weeks July 1st - July 22nd.

Option #4: Tuesdays 9-3pm for 4 weeks July 28th - August 18th.

* Each session is limited to 2 kids.

Program Cost:

$250 / $50 Deposit due to hold slot. Remaining $200 due first day.

What To Bring:

•Water bottle.

•Lunch (we have a fridge and microwave).

•Bag with a change of clothes.

•Must wear jeans, pants, or leggings. NO shorts. 

•Muck boots (or boots / shoes that can get wet and dirty).

•Work/Garden Gloves.

•Wavier (you can print and fill out or fill one out at drop off on the first day).

•Riding Helmet (if you don’t have one we have several).

•Journal or note book for creative time.

Waiver, Agreement, and Liability Release

Waiver (pdf)


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