About Us

Our Philosophy

At Windwalker Farms our philosophy with horses is to use the communIcation skills that the horses use with each other. They communicate with body language and eye contact and in turn that is what we use as well.

Our Story

Tim Scarberry, owner of Windwalker Farms and Founder of the Windwalker Partnership Assurance Program was born with a love for horses as are many children. Fortunately for Tim horses have always been available to him on his family’s farm. Many children are not afforded this opportunity. Tim spent some of his younger years riding and working with horses. He spent a lot of time at rodeos, horse shows and expos. He enjoyed this time with the horses but his abilities were mediocre at best. The horses he trained ended up with average training. In the late 1990’s, Tim had the chance to watch Monty Roberts discuss natural horsemanship. Listening to him explain the horses language along with pointing out how to use your eye contact and body language to interact with horses created a new passion for Tim which turned out to be an all out obsession. His results began to improve and with time he was able to develop his timing and feel with horses. At this time Tim began to help local horse owners understand this language and develop a better partnership with their horses. This begin the start of Windwalker Farms. During this journey Tim had no idea God was using horses to get his attention. With time the Lord has changed Tim’s ways of being selfish, competitive, and coarse. Although he was becoming successful with horses he wasn’t very with the people. Upon realizing just how much grace and mercy Tim himself needs, he knew he needed to share his program with anyone who is interested. Tim uses positive reinforcement, encouraging words, and a simple step-by-step breakdown of his program to teach students. Nothing brings more satisfaction than watching people gain confidence and become successful with their horses.

Fast forward 15 years and although we still help many horse owners with the communication breakdown between them and their horse we now have a real passion for introducing none horse people to the joy and adventure that only horses can provide. The Windwalker Partnership Assurance Program requires no horse experience. Just a passion for horses. Our program is offered to all ages. We’ve been successful in developing skills in children as young as 4 and helping a retired person who has always wanted a horse become a first time horse owner. We are here to help so please contact us by email or phone. We look forward to sharing our passion of horses with you. 

Our Location

We own 51 acres we utilize for trail rides and lessons. Our property has miles of flat trails for a relaxing ride, and also numerous hills of all sizes and experience levels for those looking for some adventure. We also have a heated indoor round pen and obstacle course.

Services Offered

We offer a wide range of services and lessons. Here are some of the things we can help you with:

•Guided trail riding lessons

•Guided group trail rides

•Indoor riding lessons 

•Round pen lessons

•Ground work lessons

•Basic knowledge of horses/natural horsemanship

•Homeschool riding program

•Quality trail horses for sale

•Horse evaluations

•Trailer loading/unloading

•Private guided riding trips for clients

•Obstacle work (tires, box, tarps)

•Advanced terrain trail riding 

•Colt starting

•Rehabbing problem horses


•Kids summer camps 

•Adult camps for adults brand new to horses

•Field Trips / Girl Scout & Cub Scout events

All trail riding, round pen, groundwork, and basic knowledge lessons start at $45 a person and last an hour. We offer a 4-pack punchcard for $160 or 10-pack for $375, good for a year and can be use for any of these lessons. 

Interested in making an appointment for a lesson? Contact us today for more information. 



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